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YES, I am attending the International Meeting for Tall People Europatreffen 2019 in Utrecht, the Netherlands! I understand that my reservation will only take effect once I've paid in full. Please note that some activities have limited numbers of attendees. 

The next question is in Dutch and couldn't be translated. Please fill out in "Aantal deelnemers, Ik/wij komen met ... deelnemers" the number of people who will be joining the activities you choose below. You can then choose the activities per participant. Thanks a lot!

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Participants from outside of the Netherlands can pay via wire transfer and in order to circumvent the automated payment functionality, need to use the options that mention "registration" in their title (see instruction below). The bank number is NL50 INGB 0009 0582 41. BIC: INGBNL2A Bank: ING Bank, FINANCIAL PLAZA BIJLMERDREEF 109, 1102 BW Amsterdam. Please accept the full charge for payments outside the European Union and inform us if you need additional bank details.

If you are not yet a member of one of the societies for tall people, higher prices may apply. Contact details of the society nearest to you, will be provided to you via e-mail.

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Unfortunately, the Dutch website has only this functionality for registrations from abroad. Thank you very much for your understanding!

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Day 1: After arriving in the beautiful city of Utrecht, we meet in one of the first department stores in the Netherlands ' de Winkel van Sinkel ', which now serves as a welcoming ' Grande Café ' in the picturesque city centre. In the evening we meet old and new friends at a delicious dinner.

The different parts of the program on Monday will alternate in different sequences for different groups. There will be a guided tour to explore the different sights on foot.

In addition to the guided tour on foot, there will be an option to explore the canals during a boat tour. The escape room is already fully booked.

Monday evening we enjoy a pleasant evening in a "bruin café". Who will win the pub quiz?

A visit to Utrecht is incomplete without visiting the fairytale castle De Haar with its gorgious garden.

Castle De Haar is easily reached via public transport or car, however those who prefer to go there by bike, will cycle there together and take a short tour around the grounds. Please note that the rental bikes have a standard hight. To limit costs we have chosen one supplier who can provide a sufficient number of bikes. Other rental companies couldn't guarantee larger bikes and charge more. Those that don't want to cycle, can join a short walk (3 km. around farmstead Wielreveld) or a longer walk around farmstead 't Natte Laand with a special nature meditation (already fully booked).

The museum visits and the beer tasting on Wednesday are fully booked now. The theme for this meeting will be "empowerment": with interesting presentations on how to benefit most from being tall! And it's for free! And it's in a mill!

Museum from play clock to street organ is one of the typical Dutch sights that is an absolute must-see! We discover the wonderful world of self-playing musical instruments and are surprised with cheerful music from all over the Museum. (Originally planned for the Monday, this museum can now be visited after the Europameeting on Thursday)

Let's try to break the record of the largest gathering of people above average length! All come to the parking lot of Stadium Galgenwaard in Utrecht at 19 hrs.!

Do we need an excuse to party? No! Let's enjoy dining and dancing together!

Alkmaar is reknowned for its cheese market. After watching this age old tradition, we will have lunch before departing to the Zaanse Schans for mills, a wooding shoe making demonstration and much more! The rowing tour is already fully booked for a small group.

Time to enjoy Utrecht in new and unexpected ways. What about the culinary streetfood tour? The tour guided by formerly homeless people that show a very different side to the city is fully booked now. Unfortunately the archeological underground tour cancelled but instead you can visit the University Museum with it's beautiful botanical garden which includes some extremely rare tropical plants and flowers! A new historical city tour is available. Daredevils can test their sky diving skills (transport to the venue not included)

An evening of fine dining and dancing to the live band in the van der Valk Hotel Houten. Time to dress up smart to end this wonderful week.

There are many more things to explore in and around Utrecht. Suggestions are provided in the program booklet you will receive. Since many people will be travelling home on this day, no program will be organized but of course you are free to continue exploring Utrecht or make a trip to Amsterdam with a group of (new?) friends!

We like to be transparent about how the data you provide us is used. Anyone who needs to regulate anything to take into account medical conditions (e.g. allergy) will be informed about the total number of people for which this applies (without a name), total lists of participants (with names) are used for scheduling of the activities and are used without the names for analysis which program points are popular for the organization of future events (future teams get access). Email addresses are used to inform you about the Europatref 2019 and optionally to invite you to future European activities. Your data can only be seen by Klub Lange Mensen Netherlands and the organization team of this event. Your information will not be shared with other parties. E-mail addresses of those who authorize this are passed on to organizational teams of future European activities. You can always withdraw this permission.

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After registration, the total amount calculated via the amounts mentioned in the titles of the different activities for which you register, is owed via wire-transfer.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact

The bank number is NL50 INGB 0009 0582 41. BIC: INGBNL2A Bank: ING Bank, FINANCIAL PLAZA BIJLMERDREEF 109, 1102 BW Amsterdam