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European meeting for tall people 2019: Bring your friends!

03 maart 2019

We have already told you a lot about what is special about the European Meeting for Tall People from May 26th to June 2nd 2019. Moreover, we already have so many signups that the first program items are fully booked and you really need to be quick to participate in some other activities.

Now we would like to give you some tips how to persuade your skeptical tall colleagues, family and acquaintances to come to Utrecht!

Being tall is not a problem to me... We are not an association for problematic eccentrics, but a network of people like you who love to be able to communicate with everyone at eye level. In a group with equally tall people, you will discover that 'something' disappears. What that is, varies from person to person but it is interesting to become aware of it. On the Thursday, there is a workshop to discover how you may encouter preconceptions about your height and how you can cope with those more playfully!

I'm not all that tall... It is also not a group where everyone is over 7 foot tall. We are all just like you above average!

What's nice about that? Do I need all week? Have a look in the program on the website what you like and then you just register for those activities!

I have never been to such an event.... I don't know anyone there... We expect a big turnout on, for example, the party, so you are sure to meet people in holiday mood to party together!

I'm not so extroverted... You are always part of a group or in a boat or at the table together, so you will easily enter into conversation!

All the way to Utrecht in the Netherlands... Last year it was in Lübeck, Germany. Utrecht is very easy to reach by train or car. The P&R parking spaces on the outskirts of the city are affordable if you come by car. Foreign guests usually arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol or Eindhoven Airport and then travel with a short train ride. An easy distance!

Where can I stay? On the website there is a hotel and a hostel where we get a discount, but you can also rent a chalet near Utrecht with a group or even camp with a tent on a campsite in Utrecht: Enough possibilities!

The form is so long... Logical! It's a week- long program, but if you just want to register for one thing, it's quick. With the 'n' you choose the 'not for now' option and with tab you jump to the next field if you're not interested. Then you just have to fill in your contact details, the activities for which you want to register plus the last two fields!

I still have another question... Send an email to We will respond as soon as possible!

So please all help to promote the European Meeting for Tall People. Because 250 people at the party is fun, but 300 is of course even more fun! Who can you forward this news item to?